Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Fun! Fall Edition!

The weather is starting to turn grey and wet which means many families in western Washington are starting to head indoors and are searching for family fun indoor ideas. Check our our list of ideas.


1) Family Game Night
2) Movie Marathon - Rent your favorite movie or check some from the library. Pop some popcorn and snack on some dollar store candy and you have the makings for a frugal family fun night.
3) Crafts - Create craft projects for fun or with a purpose in mind. Start thinking about Christmas gifts and create unique, personalized gifts for family or friends.
4) Take a trip around the world - You can travel around the world without even leaving home. Check-out cook books and travel videos from the library about your favorite country. Cook a meal, watch a travel video and do a craft related to your favorite country.
5) Read a book - Read a book together as a family. You can take turns reading or listen to an audio book. Snuggle under a blanket, start a fire in the fireplace and enjoy some quality time together.


1) Scavenger Hunt - Send yourself on a scavenger hunt around the mall. Look for a predetermined
set of items including a napkin, receipt, coin found at the mall and a brochure. Reward the winners (and losers) with ice cream.
2) Fantasy Shopping Trip - Give yourself an imaginary million and go on an imaginary shopping trip. Set some ground rules such as not allowing players to purchase things for other people or making them spend the whole amount only on themselves. Meet in the food court to compare lists.
3) Arcade - Spend the afternoon at the local arcade. Many arcades still have .25 games. Give each person a set amount of money ($5.00 for example) and let them spend it all on games. Then have a group photo taken at a photo booth and go out for pizza or ice cream.
4) Book Store - If you have a Barnes & Noble or similar store in your mall, go there for a family fun night. Allow each family member to choose some reading material and find a quiet corner to read. Splurge on a coffee or hot chocolate.
5) Bargain Shop - Go from store to store checking out the clearance racks and aisles. Give each family member a few dollars and see who can find the best item for that amount.


1) At the Food Bank - Volunteer your time as a family to help out at the local food bank. Help to organize the food and greet the guests.
2) Toys for Tots - Start collecting items for the less fortunate at Christmas time. Look for bargains at local department stores or start making items to donate at Christmas time.
3) Church - There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at your local churches. As if they have any specific needs that you can help fulfill as a family.
4) Around the Neighborhood - Maybe an elderly neighbor can not rack their own leaves or a single parent needs help with childcare. See how many needs you can fill within your neighborhood.
5) At School - As your principal if there are any after school volunteer opportunities. You will not only be helping your school, but bonding with other school families.


1) Embrace the season - Go ice skating or splash in the puddles. Dress warm and go for a walk around the neighborhood listening for the crunch of leaves or looking for the prettiest one.
2) Community Events - Check-out community events such as parades, festivals and concerts that you can participate in.
3) Visit a Museum - This is especially rewarding on free weekends. Check-out all the local museums, from the biggest to the smallest. Turn the experience into a learning experience for the little ones (and big ones too).
4) Get a hotel room - Rent a hotel room for just one night. Swim in the pool, bring a dvd player to watch a movie and enjoy breakfast the next morning before heading home.
5) Shop in a Different Area - If you usually shop at the mall, head downtown and explore the shops. I If you are familiar with everything in your area, head to the next town over. It's amazing the interesting things you can see when you get out and walk instead of driving by them.

Whatever you do, just spend quality time with your family.

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