Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take time to smell the roses......

Stressed about family and money? Sometimes the best things in life really are free. Here are few ideas for ways to relax and enjoy life without breaking the bank.

1. Smell the roses... literally. Fill your house with fresh flowers and take the time to really enjoy them. Smell them, look at them and enjoy them. It may seem like a splurge to spend money on something as temporary as flowers, but it can really lift your spirits.

2. Take a bubble bath: Turn the music on and submerge yourself in warm, bubbly water. Ideally, your family will be out of the house, but if you have to keep them busy with a movie or a new game, do it. Or simply wait until the rest of the house is fast asleep.

3. Read a book: Put down the electronic devices and pick-up an "old fashioned" paper book. Something about the feeling of the book in your hands and the smell of ink that can help you relax. Add your favorite beverage and you have the makings for a nice break.

4. Talk with a friend: Call-up your best friend or your long lost buddy. Call whoever has been on your mind lately, and catch-up. Having a friendly conversation and human contact can do a lot to add to the quality of your life.

5. Pray: Take some time to talk to God. Unload your cares and worries on the one who will always listen and never use your fears against you.

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