Monday, June 28, 2010

Saving Money for a New Baby

As many of you know, a new baby is on the way in the Q family. I've hit the nesting stage and part of that nesting is creating a beautiful and comfortable space for the princess who will be here in a few months. All of this does take money though, so what is a frugal mom-to-be to do??

1. Buy Early and in Bulk
When you find a good sale or coupon on diapers or baby food, buy! It seems silly to buy size 2 diapers when you have a newborn (or no baby yet at all) but buying ahead when you find items at a good price can really save you money in the long run.

2; Sign-up for Samples & Rewards
It's likely that you'll be very busy when the new bundle arrives, so take the time now to sign-up for reward clubs and to request samples from baby related businesses. Similac, Pampers and other diaper, baby food and product companies offer free samples and rewards for buying their products.

3. Involve Family
Want to create an unforgettable space but don't have a lot of cash? Ask around!! Ask family members and friends if they have items that will create this amazing space that you can have or borrow. Someone in your circle of friends just might have a changing table or crib you could have or borrow. Your mother-in-law may offer to sew some curtains for you. Your mom might let you borrow that adorable teddy bear picture that she had hanging over your crib when you were a baby.

4 Relax
Even if you only have a crib and a change of clothes ready for the baby, you'll be okay. Don't stress about having the perfect crib set or that hip new stroller. As long as you're healthy and your baby is healthy, everything else will fall into place.

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