Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day on a Dime

Moms and strong female role models are perhaps the most important influences in our lives and even though you might not have a lot of money doesn't mean you can't spoil her on Mother's Day. Check out a few ideas on how to treat mom well on a budget.

1. Experience Gift -- Not all gifts come wrapped in pretty packaging and a large bow. Consider giving mom an experience, maybe even one you can share with her. Experience gifts might include a trip to a museum, ball game or even just going out to a favorite restaurant. You can can even create a great experience at home by giving her a home spa treatment or making her favorite meal.

2. Gift Basket -- Create a gift basket by shopping all year round for treats. Pick-up a basket at an after Easter sale. Remember to buy neutral colored grass or filler at the same time. Use coupons, free-after-rebate items and sale items to fill the basket. If you need more items. splurge on a gift card or a bag of favorite coffee. You can also go to your local dollar store to fill in a book, book marks, candy or small decorative trinket.

3. Sentimental Gift -- Win big points with a sentimental, thoughtful gift. Consider having a favorite photo turned into a canvas art piece or creating a scrapbook of photos for mom. You could also look around antique shops for the missing piece to mom's china collection or a replica of her favorite childhood toy.

4. Party -- Throw mom a surprise party on her special day. Use simple decorations that can purchased at the dollar store. Streamers, balloons and plastic table cloths can go a long way. Make tissue paper flowers or pick wild flowers for decorations. You can make a large banner from poster board and prepare dinner for her or bake a cake. Play her favorite music and invite a few special people to visit and partake in the festivities.

5. Labor of Love -- Show mom you care by weeding her garden and washing the dishes. Take on the task that mom hates the most to help give her a day to relax. Run a warm bath for her while you make dinner and rent a favorite movie for her to watch while you do the dishes. Mom's dreaded tasks might include: grocery shopping, cleaning the house, washing the dog or the car, or organizing the pantry. Having these tasks done for them is sure to bring a smile to her face.  You can pamper mom by allowing her partake in her favorite activity while her tasks are being done for her. If mom likes reading, provide her with a new book to read during her down time or if she likes the outdoors, encourage her to go for a walk or bikeride.

A nice gift doesn't have to break the bank. Most importantly, be sure to give mom an extra hug and kiss or simply write a love letter to her.

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