Sunday, November 9, 2014

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming and hopefully your wallet is fat, but if it isn't, then keep reading. Here are some inexpensive, quality Christmas gifts that you can give to your family and friends. The holidays aren't about the amount of money you spend but on the fact that you have thought about your loved-ones and that you show them that they are appreciated.

Use What You Have

1) Did you can the bounty of your garden?  Don't underestimate the beauty of a canned jar of fruit or vegetables from your own garden. Use a graphic program to create a beautiful label and tie raffia or a pretty ribbon around the neck of the jar. You can even make fresh salsa, jam or another treat to can. Consider adding a recipe card with your gift.

2) Too much Halloween Candy?  Did you take advantage of the after Halloween sales and have a large stock-pile of candy? Consider using them to create a sweet treat. Melt candy bars down to create a fudge (add butter) or hot glue wrapped candy to a styrofoam cone to create a sweet tree. Stick a gold star on the top and wrap the tree in green tulle to complete the look.

3) Lots of scrapbook materials? How about creating a memorable scrapbook for special members of the family. If you have a stockpile of paper, stickers and embellishments, consider creating a small album of photos for each member of the family. Think about an important event in the recipient's life and create an album that highlights that event.

Look for Sales

1) Keep your eye out all year round - It's too late to think early for this Christmas, but you can get a head start on next year. Check out all the clearance shelves, especially after holidays, for items to use as gifts. For instance, after Halloween, look for costumes that can removed from Halloween packaging and given as a gift to a little one who likes to dress-up for fun. You might also find a good deal on candy that could be used to create some holiday cookies that can be given as a gift. After thanksgiving sales are likely to yield scented candles and lotions that could be used in gift baskets.

2) Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales - Plan out your holiday shopping by creating lists of wants and checking out the holiday ads. Be sure to learn each store's coupon policy and find out if they will price match to help you get the best deals.

3) Check-out sales sites  - Check out Groupon and similar sites. You might want to consider giving a gift card or membership. You could also use your buy to buy a gift for someone.

Use Your Talents

1) Create something beautiful - No matter your talent, consider sharing it during the holidays. A homemade gift is a great way to share your talent and time with a loved one. Paint a picture, knit a scarf or make a beautiful sculpture to give as a gift. These one of a kind gifts will make the recipient know that he or she is loved and special.

2) Gifts don't have to be tangible - Just because you can't put a bow on it doesn't mean its not a good gift. If your talent is writing a song, do it! Then perform it for the recipient on Christmas morning. You can even type out the lyrics and put them in a card. If your talent is video editing. create a video for someone special.

3) Create an experience - If your talent is giving an awesome party, consider doing one to honor someone special. Gathering friends together and playing games and creating memories is all the gift that is needed. If you want to add a small box of candy to the place setting of the guest of honor, it will be extra special. Show sales and use coupons when shopping for your meal.

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