Monday, November 24, 2014

Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!!

 We arrived at Xfinity Arena (Comcast Arena)  and could feel the buzz of excitement in the air. I don't know what it is about Disney, but you feel the  magic the minute you go through the doors. We found our seats and then went to walk around. We were early (it's just one of my things) which gave us time to go to the bathroom and avoid lines and to check out the merchandise tables.

We settled back into our seats and got ready for the show. 
There is a tingle that spreads through the crowd when the announcer starts the show. Smiles broaden and glowing sticks and flashing wands all begin to light up as kids of all ages anxiously glance towards the stage anticipating the arrival of their friends.
The music started and the lights flashed and with a rush of excitement, the show begin. Minnie, Goofy and Donald whizzed out onto the ice to the cheers of the crowd. My three year old was excited that even Pluto was there to join the party. I won't ruin the fun and tell you the neat way that Mickey appeared.
Alice, and some of her Wonderland friends were there too, to celebrate the UnBirthday. There was a beautifully decorated birthday table there on the ice and a lot of balloons to open the show.
Instead of a traditional birthday hat, Mickey donned a wizard hat which resulted in some dancing
brooms taking the ice, and some descending from the ceiling. The skaters where in perfect precision and were wearing glow-in-the-dark outfits. I'm a sucker for glow-in-the-dark.

This wizardry segued into a Halloween celebration. All our favorite villains were there, including our
favorite, Captain Hook. There was dancing, skating and some special effects that made really entertained and even surprised the audience. My little girl wasn't scared at this scene, so I think it at even the littles in your family will be more mesmerized and delighted than frightened.
Then it was time for my favorite part of the show. The princesses!!!  (excited little girl hand-clap)!!!  A beautiful fountain was the centerpiece for the skates by Jasmine, Cinderella, Arial; Belle and Tiana and their beaus. Even some of the lesser known princesses danced. My daughter was thrilled to see Snow White, her personal favorite. I really enjoyed the grace of the Mulan scene. There were pretty ladies in pink dresses twirling around with large flowered heart arches and large swags of fabric that created a dramatic backdrop, And in the end.... Minnie got her man.
Intermission was skillfully timed which allowed patrons to grab a hot dog or some really yummy smelling pizza and to visit the little mouse room (what we call the bathroom). You can also spend that time picking out the perfect wand or buying enough sugar to get your kids jacked-up for at least three days.

The second half started with Lilo and Stitch and a ring of fire. I wish I had gotten a clearer picture of
it, but you'll have to take my word of it... it was a crowd pleaser. There was surfing and good summer fun, accompanied by lively summer tunes.

Then we were transported on a trip around the world with stops in Brazil, Japan and China. It was an interesting and culturally diverse second half. It was actually a fun way to teach the kids, who weren't familiar with Brazil's Carnival or Mardi Gras, about these celebrations.

The final act celebrated the ever popular, Christmas. There were comical moments and good skating and the appearance of the wildly popular, Toy Story crew. Woody, Buzz and Jessie brought along many of their friends to help celebrate the holidays. And the finale will not disappoint. Not only were the littles (and the bigs) excited about seeing the familiar characters, but then it started snowing! Yeah!!!  And there was also a sleigh ride, but I don't want to take away all the surprises.
The show ended after about two hours, but as with all things Disney, it was too soon. We slowly made our way back to the vehicle with our glowing and blinking sticks and our overly full tummies.
If you ever have the opportunity, be sure to see this show. Of all the Disney shows I've seen, this one has the most character appearances. The theme of holidays is a brilliant way to bring together such diverse characters such as Peter Pan and Cruella De Vil.
Encourage your little ones to wear their Disney gear. There were lots of Elsas and Belles, Cinderellas and even a few Buzzes in the audience. Even the older kids donned their Mickey and Minnie ears and their character sweatshirts.

Tickets for this show would make  a great birthday or Christmas gift.  And the cool part about it is that no matter what holiday you're celebrating (or missed celebrating), you can celebrate it at Disney on Ice, Let's Celebrate!  
We've hung our ears up for now, but we CAN. NOT. WAIT. until next November when our friends will back in town.... Next time they are bringing their friends, Elsa, Anna and Olaf. (Insert Unbelievably excited high pitched little squeal!!!!) 

Tickets for next year's performance are already on sale.... 

Although I received complimentary tickets to the show, the opinions I've expressed about the show are completely my own!  The show rocks!

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