Monday, August 11, 2014

Delridge Mural Project finishes up this week Ribbon cutting and big reveal planned for Thursday at Youngstown

(SEATTLE, Washington)  After a month of research, preparation and painting, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) are ready to reveal and celebrate the new mural painted on the 210-foot retaining wall that sits just below West Seattle’s dynamic arts hub.
                Youngstown Director David Bestock is excited to share this artwork with the community, “Working with teaching artists who have been focused on showcasing our heritage and culture has been the opportunity of a lifetime for these 8 young people who have put time, thought and effort into this mural.” He continues, “We have had a very positive and encouraging response from neighbors and passers-by throughout the painting process. People have stopped by to talk to the artists and donate to the project because they’re excited about it.”
                Thanks to continued support from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, the Delridge Mural Project has brought together professional teaching artists and at-risk youth, providing them opportunity for artistic collaboration, expression and community pride.
Join DNDA Board President Willard Brown, Youngstown Director David Bestock and other DNDA board members and staff for an end-of-project ribbon cutting that is open to the public on Thursday, August 14th from 2-3pm at the mural site, 4408 Delridge Way, West Seattle. More information on the project can be found on Youngstown’s website,


About DNDA
Since 1996, the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association has brought together neighbors, non-profits, businesses and local government to build community. Much of our work combines multiple goals such as providing affordable housing while enhancing the pedestrian environment, and supporting local artists and youth through innovative programs at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. In the late 90s, DNDA participated in the early conceptualization for creating the Brandon node, and was instrumental in the development of the Delridge branch of the Seattle Public Library. DNDA also spearheaded the construction of the West Seattle Community Resource Center, which currently houses One Community Commons, Wellspring Family Services and the West Seattle Food Bank. Together, we create access to resources, cultivate arts and culture, and build a vibrant community that instills a strong sense of place and pride. As such, we move forward into the future while honoring our past, traditions, and the generations who have come before us. Further, we support vibrant neighborhoods, creating a thriving Delridge for everyone. 

About Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (Youngstown), operated by the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), is an innovative and dynamic arts hub. It hosts and houses groundbreaking arts programming and is a widely recognized model of comprehensive and integrated community engagement.  Youngstown is a multi-purpose venue dedicated to arts, education, and to the provision of space for members of the community to create, converse, and perform. Located in the historic Frank B. Cooper Elementary School in the Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle, Youngstown is included in the national register of historic spaces, hosting over 15,000 participants annually, and growing.            

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