Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Fun!

Looking for a way to entertain the kiddos while they are summer break? Here are few ideas that will keep them entertained without breaking the bank.

1. Video for Grandma
The start of summer is a great time to reflect on what has happened during the school year. Assemble kids and their favorite school projects together and create a video for grandma and loved ones who may not be in the area. Show art and science projects, journals and photos from various field trips. Do it in a news broadcast style or another genre. Older children might like to create a documentary or even a sitcom.

2. Play Tourist
Get out and see your area! The Northwest is full of amazing attractions and natural beauty. Drive to Mt. Baker and visit Artist Point or cruise along Chuckanut Drive. You might also want to shop at Pike's Place Market, ride a ferry or even visit the rainforest. Whatever you decide to do, bring a camera and buy something to remember the trip with, just as if you were visiting a distant destination.

3. Relax
Don't over-schedule your summer. Kids, just like adults, need time to chill. Schedule in time to play outside, play video games and to sit under a tree and read. Encourage children to go to bed close to their normal time, especially towards the end of summer to make back-to-school easier.

4. Outdoor movie
Many areas in western Washington offer outdoor movies. The outdoor movie in Fairhaven is popular, as is Milt's Pizza in Lynden. You can also rent or buy a projector and play a movie in your own backyard.

5. Learn Something
Just because school is out, doesn't mean that you shouldn't continue to learn. Learn a new language with your children or attempt to learn a new dance. Paint or garden or do something that you have always wanted to try, but haven't taken the time to learn.

Use this summer to create memories that will last a lifetime!!

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