Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!

Hope you will enjoy a parade, family BBQ and of course, some fireworks today. But most of all, I hope you take time to reflect on what makes this country so great. The freedom we have and those who have helped to defend it. Celebrate your life and how much richer it is because of where you live and remember to celebrate responsibly.

Ways to save money today..
  1. Buy Glow Sticks: If you are headed to fireworks, bring your own glow sticks. You can buy 8 for a dollar at a dollar store, but if you wait to buy them at the fireworks display, you'll be paying at least .50 a piece.
  2. Bring Your Own Water: Water is very expensive at organized fireworks displays. Fill your water bottles before you go home to help save money.
  3. Arrive Full: Be sure to eat dinner before you go to the park to watch fireworks. Food vendors are very expensive. Also consider bringing your own food if it is allowed.
  4. Park on the Outside of the Park: If you can, park far enough away from the main display area so you can walk to your car and leave the area with ease. Parking right next to the firework display area will save you time in walking, but you will waste a lot of gas when waiting in line to get out. Make sure to bring a flashlight, walk with a buddy or two, have a cell phone and park in a lighted area to make sure you are safe.

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