Friday, September 4, 2009

Old Navy Weekly $65 off $100 coupons

Check out tonight for a whole new set of coupons. Appears that this weeks big coupon will have something to do with Ketchup! Check out this text that Old Navyis sending out. It reads "Be sure to use the ketchup tonight"

Hey! It’s time for another fabulous Item of the Week from Old Navy! This week it’s the Men’s Sueded Crew for just $8. Ladies, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for ANY guy’s tired wardrobe.
And be sure to check out Heather, Josh and Kelly’s Facebook profiles, where you can get the latest Old Navy updates straight from the plastic source! And, as usual, the whole gang is live (er, you get the picture) on Twitter so be sure to keep following your fave SuperModelquins there, too.
Plus is going to be hiding new coupons including $65 off $100 – Happy Hunting!
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