Sunday, July 12, 2009

Staycation Idea: Learn About a New Culture

We're well into the Summer months now and it's about this time that the pool is no longer a novelty, long days of playing outside are starting to become routine and kids are beginning to become bored. Perhaps the adults are restless too! No money for a vacation? Try this Staycation Idea:

Learn About a New Culture

Don't let finances stop you from learning a new language, trying new cuisine and learning about a new culture.

An online search or trip to the library is all you need to plan for this Staycation. Choose a culture that you and your family is interested in. It may be a dream vacation spot or a culture from your family heritage. Research some recipes for that culture and plan a trip (with coupons, of course) to the grocery store for the ingredients.

Decorate your table (and even your house) in keeping with your theme. Don't break the bank buying decorations, but think creatively. Utilize table linens in the national colors of your country of choice. And print off photos from the internet of the area's national landmarks and put them in dollar store frames.

Learn about a game from your culture of choice and teach your family. You may even want to help them make native costumes to model after dinner.

Check-out a travel DVD, language learning DVD or a movie in keeping with the theme of the night. This will be a fun way to unwind after your big feast.

Impress your family with learning a few words and phrases in the language indicative to the area you are celebraing. There are MANY resources available for every language imaginable. Do a google search for the language you are wanting to learn and see what comes-up. Be sure to add "free" to the search term. Be sure to check out your local library for a lot of language study aids, guides and other resources.

Invite friends and take pictures of your event!! Be sure to scrapbook your event, just as if you had really visited an exotic location!

Earn gift cards while you search