Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Staycation Idea : Home Spa

ACK! Are you feeling a little ...umm STRESSED!? Hectic family schedules and finances are just a couple of the stressers that we deal with everyday. If you can't afford a relaxing get-away, turn your home into a spa. You don't need to go to a pricey spa to rejuvenate your body and spirit. To gain the same experience, just create your own spa. A little preparation is all you'll need to spend a relaxing weekend and end-up feeling refreshed and save money.

Create the Setting: Before your Spa weekend, be sure to clean-up all the clutter in your house. Remove stress triggers! Those stacks of bills are not only an eye-sore, but also a stressful reminder of finances (or lack of). The dirty laundry is not only ugly to look at, but a reminds you of all those chores you HAVEN'T done. Bring all the plants from other parts of the house and bring them into the room where you are going to have your spa weekend. Add twinkle lights, candles and other naturally beautiful things. Keep lights low and drape furniture with simple, natural colored fabrics. Pick out your favorite mellow music and find a comfy robe and slippers. If the weather is nice, open the windows to feel a cool breeze and breath in fresh air.

Become a Spa Mixologist: Check out the library or search the web for recipes for facials and other spa treatments that you can make with ingredients found at any health food store, supermarket or your own pantry..

If you are going to invite friends, Make a thoughtful gift for your guests: fragrance eye pillows are useful, luxurious and easy to make . Sew 8 x 4-inch sacks out of a dark satin fabric. Mix 1 cup flax seed with 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Fill sacks half-full with the mixture and sew them up. The pillow blocks light and the scent is calming.

Teach or host a class: Have a friend who practices healthy cooking or massage? Invite them to share their expertise with you and your guests. Or, if you it's just you and the family hanging out for the weekend, pick up a few such DVD's at the library.

Pamper: Give yourself a manicure or pedicure! Better yet, invite your best girl friends over and give each other a manicure. Talk your spouse into giving you a back massage. Then return the favor. A foot massage is extremely relaxing too. No one willing to give you a massage? Try a massage chair or a foot massage machine If you have a jetted tub or Jacuzzi, this would be the perfect time to indulge. Don't forget to bring your favorite book!!

Healthy Snacks: Spas usually offer nice, light fare's. Make a healthy salad with light dressing, fresh fruit and some light cheese on hand. Water with a touch of lemon is always nice and be sure to have nice, warm tea to enjoy at the end of your night. Some small, expensive chocolates or a chocolate fondue would be nice too.

Indulge ( Just a little): Think of all the money you just saved by staying home!! So, indulge in something to make your spa truly special. Perhaps there is a lotion you love, but don't buy because of the price.... Buy it! Treat yourself to something that you truly love. Invest in a new pair of comfy slippers or a nice thick robe.

Read: Before your spa weekend, go to the library and bring home a stack of interesting books. Plenty of time in the tub or relaxing by the fire will allow you time to catch-up on some leisurely reading.

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