Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Tips for Beginning Couponers

Here are a few tips for all of you who are new to "Couponing":
  • Buy multiple copies of the Sunday Paper. Ask family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers to save theirs for you as well.
  • Choose 1 store to start couponing at. Learn their coupon policy, how their sale cycles work (from Sunday through Saturaday or Wednesday through Tuesday)!
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Ask me! Ask others you know who have had success and don't be afraid to ask a store manager questions regarding coupon usage.
  • Realize that you are not going to be able to participate in every sale or snag every good deal. Start small and work your way into being a coupon master.
  • When most stores offer sales such as "$2/3" or "$4/5," you don't have to buy the 2 or 4 to get the sale price. You can buy 1 or 2 or 10 and they will all be the same price.

Be sure to catch our series on Coupon usage starting on Monday, July 13!

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