Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Part 2: Getting Started in Couponing

“You saved how much?”

This is a question I hear a lot. The next question is usually, “How did you do that?” It’s simple, really. You just match coupons with store sales to maximize your savings. It’s not difficult, but it is time consuming if you don’t have the proper resources. And the proper resources begin with a healthy stash of coupons. A large supply of coupons is going to be your most valuable tool for saving money and lots of it!

Here are some of the most popular places to find coupons:
  1. Sunday Paper - This seems obvious, but it really is the very best resource for manufacturer coupons. There are usually two coupon inserts: SmartSource and Red Plum. Once a month, Proctor and Gamble releases a coupon book full of savings too. This insert is referred to as “P&G”
  2. Blinkies - You know those cute little blinking machines on the shelves of your local grocery store? Those machines are called “Blinkies” and so are the coupons that come out of them. These coupons are rotated once a month and are provided by SmartSource.
  3. Peelies - Peelies are the coupons that are stuck onto the product. They are often in the form of a sticker.
  4. IP- In coupon world, “IP” stands for “Internet Printable” and refers to a coupon that is printed from the internet. There are several resources for this type of coupon.
  5. Catalinas - The machines that are located by the cash register and produce coupons are called Catalina Machines (because they are made by the Catalina company). The coupons that are printed from those machines are also referred to as Catalinas. Catalinas are triggered by items or combinations of items you purchase.
  6. Hang-Tags - Hang-Tags are often found around bottle necks of everything from shampoo to olive oil.
  7. Home Mailers - By getting on the mailing lists of various companies, you will find that you will start receiving coupons in the mail. Most of these coupons that are sent directly from the manufacturers are high value coupons.
  8. Free Samples - Every so often a company will offer a free sample of their products. These samples often come with high value coupons.So, there you have it! The most effective ways to accumulate a nice supply of coupons.

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