Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Old Navy Weekly

Sounds like Old Navy will be resetting the coupons throughout the week... including the $75 off $100 coupons:

$75 off $100
Click the palm trees behind the lady wearing the red t-shirt with the American flag on it. After clicking on the tree a parrot will fly out. Click on the head of the parrot to get the coupon. The parrot very, very FAST!

$50 off $100
Click on the blue polo in left corner under “More Fabulous Finds.” You'll need to go through the cycle of clothes until the blue polo comes up. For some reason not everyone can see the polo.

$20 off $100
Rearrange the blue, white and red $5 tees, so they're in red, white and blue order.

30% off $50
Click on the giraffe print scarf in the upper right hand corner and drag in to the blonde lady's neck.

15% off
Click on the American flag the lady with the red American flag shirt is holding.

10% offPut the black and white strapless dress on the blonde lady.

Earn gift cards while you search